Learn to Play the Accordion

The accordion is a difficult instrument to play and you will have to master several techniques in order to learn to play the accordion. The accordion is not like other instruments and first you will have to learn how to hold your accordion in the correct manner. You really need to see someone playing the accordion to get this right which is why this is so good as you can watch a master accordion player and strive to copy his technique. The way the bellows are used is obviously a major difference between this instrument and others. In this online course you are walked through each technique you need to become proficient at one step at a time. The ebook gives clear instructions on when to open and close the bellows and you can also watch the video to see when and how this is done correctly. The piano accordion obviously has a keyboard section to the instrument. If you have played any keyboard type instruments you should be able to pick this up quickly. If not this guide will take you step by step showing clearly the fingering needed and what notes they relate to with a color coded music so you can quickly make progress with this aspect of the accordion. The other unusual part of the accordion are the buttons. How you press the buttons can make a subtle difference to the sound you produce is another key technique to master. Again this ebook has color coded exercises for playing the buttons and a video to let you see an hear how it should be done correctly.

Learn Accordion

The best way to learn the accordion is with a good teacher but an excellent alternative if you are unable to find one or they are too expensive is this I used to learn to play the accordion.