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How to Play the Accordion

This online accordion course comes as a downloadable e-book, or if you prefer you can pay a little bit extra to get a CD. There are 50 lessons in the course and each one has a video demonstrating the lesson and enabling you to hear what you should be playing as well. I love books but for some things such as learning a musical instrument, video and audio are essential to show you the technique and the sound required to master an instrument. The course has many features and benefits such as;
  • Fifty lessons to get you from a beginner to playing well-know tunes
  • Extremely reasonable cost which works out at not more than one or two lessons from a teacher
  • Enables you to get a basic technique so you can decide if you want take your studies further with much more expensive personal tuition
  • See and hear each lesson demonstrated so you can master the finer details of each lesson and know when you are ready to move on
  • Colour coded music to enable you to master the fingering quickly and easily
I highly recommend this course as an effective way to start mastering your accordion and enjoy playing quickly and easily without the expense and effort of finding a suitable teacher. Check it out !

Piano Accordion

The most common type of accordion around today is the piano accordion, so here is some information about piano accordion lessons specifically. There are also hints and tips on “How to Play the Accordion” with the online accordion course. There also some information on the various techniques you will need to master to learn to play the accordion. Obviously the main point of learning to play an accordion is so you can enjoy playing various types of accordion music from around the world. We also have a rundown of the various types of accordion being played today. To find out more about the accordion check out this useful site here, accordion wiki.